About us

Taiwan deserves more recognition for its unique cultural identity. We want the world to experience more Taiwanese design. We are Look Right, a branding and marketing agency for Taiwanese creative entrepreneurs, designers and organizations; commercial storytellers with a distinctly international outlook who want to help expand Taiwan’s global presence by turning creative entrepreneurs into brand ambassadors for Taiwan.

We build

We build up Taiwanese design, both from the top down (government) and from the bottom up (startups and artists).

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We support

We help creatives with powerful international brand materials that deliver the design story to the audience.

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We empower

We develop a commercial and international mindset that helps students and creative startups become independent and successful.

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What we do

We help Taiwanese government organizations, designers, universities and startups by making them look professional and international, so that Taiwanese design reaches the global audience it deserves.

Designers & Artists

Turning ideas into sustainable careers

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Startups & SME

Building Taiwanese creative brands.

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Government & Organizations

Helping promote Taiwan from the top down.

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Incubators & Educators

Supporting those that teach and foster talent.

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